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The Information contained on this web site is for entertainment purposes only please consult a doctor before attempting any of the techniques or taking any medications or chemicals discussed on this site.

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Over twelve years ago we started including at our stays at lifestyle resorts impromptu seminars on a technique we had learned from a video series from Axel Braun called Squirting 101. Helping couples explore and understand the facts about female ejaculation, helping to relive the embarrassment and confusion about this perfectly natural part of a woman’s sexuality. Over time we listened and learned many things and topics that couples in the lifestyle had questions about and by learning from you all we picked up many techniques and erotic things and products that we can now share with you. In the paragraphs below you will see highlighted words that are links to various sources of information and web sites. Just click on the highlighted word or phrase and a window will open from that site. We do not profit from these sites the purpose is information only. From some of the resorts we do get points if you book a trip and mention The Squirtinators when you make your reservation and you may receive a special price!

We have presented our now world famous seminar at resorts and events all over the world. We really kicked into high gear at Swinfest 08 in Ft Lauderdale now the largest lifestyle land event ever, 2800 couples took over The Westin Diplomat a vanilla hotel LOL. We started at Hedo 2 & 3 back in the day and after over 25 visits to those resorts over 10 years we honed and pick up tons of valuable information and experience. Our in room couples massages became legendary and are still popular today. Then the cruise era began with Yolo cruise the first all lifestyle cruise. The company did not do very well due to the short time between the announcement of the event and setting sail. The ship only attained about 45% occupancy and they ran out of alcohol the last days of the cruise. I guess they do not know lifestyle people and our alcohol consumption very well!! LOL It was enough interest however to make lifestyle companies sit up and take notice. Several of which combined forces and created Couples Cruises a pioneer in lifestyle cruising. We have worked and preformed on almost all of their cruises over the years and from the humble beginnings we can safely say if you have never been on a luxury lifestyle cruise you can not imagine what you are missing. 5 star food, clothing optional , seminars, work shops, killer DJ’s and parties that go on till dawn. The playrooms are erotic pleasure palaces all custom designed clean beautiful areas where you can explore your wildest fantasies in safety and comfort. From events for Caliente Resort, SDC at many events from Spain to Jamaica and Mexico for Lifestyle Lounge cruises for Luxury Lifestyles Travel in Venice and Greece and Desire Resorts as well as events and takeovers in Las Vegas at The Hard Rock and Alexis Park Hotel, we have traveled the world listening and learning from women and passing that information on to couples and singles just like you.Several appearances on The Foxxxy Forum discussing these topics we have now expanded our audience to the radio world. After all with out the women the lifestyle would not continue to be what we believe is the hope for long term relationships into the future. The lifestyle no longer means just swingers but has grown to incorporate nudists, voyeurs, swingers, S & M couples, in fact The Lifestyle has come to mean simply if you care about passion in your relationship you are a lifestyle couple. The couples that make up the lifestyle are as unique as the couples themselves in an endless variety of erotic desires caring more about staying together with their best friend and partner than jumping the fence repeatedly to find new passion then dealing with the reality of their loss and or suffering the guilt of an affair.

We work with Gynecologists and the University of Chicago’s research department to continually update our information to the latest medical research available. We cover not only Female Ejaculation , The G Spot , Anatomy, Theory, the use of fantasy, The Venus Butterfly , Psychological aspects of sexuality, but also take your questions on a variety of lifestyle issues. We have also run into some great sites and products to help couples in their exploration of sexuality such as our sponsors The Luv Mat, & The Fascinator Throw, to aid in protecting your furniture, to the best massage gel ever Biotone Gel, the perfect enhancement to your massages and it doubles as a safe hypoallergenic lube we have used exclusively for years. Also wonderful information sites like The for self-education on the topics we discuss.

    Please encourage your local lifestyle club or lounge to book our incredibly fun exciting seminar or get a private group together and have a private session in your home. Contact us at [email protected] for details! We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

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