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About Us

For me it all started in High school when I was amazed by my new girl friend who what we now refer to as a natural squirter. (A women that ejaculates every time she has an orgasm ). My fascination came from not only the act itself but the shame & embarrassment she felt for something that was perfectly natural for her. The first time she let me push her over the top she rolled over and cried in shame. When I asked what was the matter she said she was embarrassed and did not understand why she did that. Well from that point on I had to learn all there was to know about this wonderful and exciting phenomenon and I never ran into another natural ejaculator.Once happily married to my beautiful wife Tammy I discovered a technique introduced by Axel Braun the world famous porn producer and Tammy was open enough to let me try it with her. To my utter amazement she ejaculated and loved it. I was a happy man and wondered if other women could and would like to learn more about their bodies and this amazing sensation. 

10 years ago we started teaching other women, Natural ejaculators , gynecologist and regular non ejaculating women about this little studied and most misunderstood reality. As our knowledge and experience grew we were fascinated by how much myth & misinformation surrounded this very natural and healthy part of most women’s sexuality that was going unexplored. From there I trained as a masseuse and began evolving my own erotic massage techniques. We started giving erotic massages at first to friends and other lifestyle couples as a way for Tammy to get to know the man a bit before committing to sex with him. After ten years of exploration we believe we have found the perfect 2nd lifestyle date that lets the women explore the man without committing to anything more than a great massage. If everything clicks then all hell breaks loose but if it is just not there it allows the women a diplomatic escape from an otherwise touchy situation. The technique we teach is very different from what you would get at a regular spa and is meant to arouse the women or man not for any therapeutic purpose. It is a sensual slow technique that allows for conversation and a slow progression of no less than one hour so it helps people to slow down and enjoy communication through touch instead of 10 minutes and straight to sex. Quickies are fine if that is what you want but sometimes it is nice to slow down and really enjoy the perfection of the female or Male form . So come explore the sensual side of your sexuality and possible learn something new and exciting about yourself they you may not know!!.

Tammy and I accept private bookings , conventions,and Lifestyle Group take overs. This light and fun presentation has become a very popular draw for many varied groups looking to spice up their events. We can be booked by the hour . Contact us for fees and travel expenses.


3318 Hwy 2 East

Kalispell, MT 59901


Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed