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Men's Erectile Dysfunction

The following information is for entertainment purposes only please check with your doctor before using any medication. First let me start by stating ladies if a man struggles to get or maintain an erection it has nothing to do with you!! There are so many things that can cause loss of a hard on stress, anxiety, (which is usually a compliment) blood pressure, testosterone levels etc ( for help with Testosterone go back to our home page and click on the Bull Dog ). Do not blame yourself. Try and relax have some fun make light of it do not clutch at it and sometime things will change in your favor. If a man is using and ED medication it is because he wants to perform at his best for you not because you are not enough to make it happen. Lets check out some options if you need some help.

· Viagra 50 to 100 mg in my experience if you just want a small boost to over come slight nerves anxiety and you are not really having an ED issue 50 mg of this should do the trick. If you are struggling at times and are just not feeling horny and you are over 45 your problem is most likely low testosterone. 100 mg can help in most situations but there are times when even that just doesn’t do it especially if anxiety is running high. Did you know that caffeine or stimulants are the antidote to Viagra! So if you are using Viagra stay away from any stimulants including Red Bull, Coffee, and Coke (both kinds! LOL)

· Levitra. This medication is Bayer's response to Viagra. I find it to be a milder more gentle medication. I use it daily on lifestyle trips to be ready at any time. Having said that I prefer Cialis 20 mg for daily use on lifestyle trips. More of a kick for me. Here is an example if you are having a play session with a familiar partner with no stress this product should be enough in most cases.

· Cialis This is my favorite product. If I take 20 mg a day while we are on a trip I am good to go anytime. I know 5mg is the recommended daily dose but that is if you are taking every day all year round. The stimulants still reverse the effect. This product is gentle provides a quality hard on in most situations and is easy on the pocket book.

· Ok just so we have covered everything!! This medication is the no fail must have a hard on or die solution to the worst ED problems out there but it is extreme. Caverject! Use with extreme caution. 10 to 20 mg injected directly into the shaft of your cock will give a dead man a hard on! (How many gals want to have sex with a dead man lol) This stuff is not to be trifled with but it will give you and erection under the most stressful condition but again no stimulants. Tip of the day. Do not use the harpoon that comes in the kit when you buy it. Use an insulin syringe. Only 5/16 “ in length and 32ga pin. It really does not hurt at all just a small pinch for an hour or so of being the top stud at the party. It can however leave your cock a little achy the next day but after a major fuck session where you were king Kong who cares! LOL