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I first discovered the method with the highest success rate from a video series call Squirting 101 by Axel Braun. However there was no explanation of anatomy or what was going on just him making women squirt. I do like to give credit for learning the hand position from that series. To developed the correct hand position it is easiest to imagine you are picking up a bowling ball. Third and forth fingers into the pussy 2 and 5 fingers down cupping her ass. Note: Watch the little finger always wants to go right up her ass! LOL That will usually serve to tense her up even more. The thumb sits in the crease of her hip providing support for the whole operation. At this point I would like to point out that after 12 years of in room session helping women to learn to ejaculate it is more about firmness and hand strength than anything else. Speed timing and firmness are critical and takes patients and practice but with dedication you can do it. Squeezing one of those hand springs or a tennis ball will help strengthen your hand and forearm to make success easier. Repeat after me “ Not all women can or should ejaculate!” the gland can be to small to get a significant amount of fluid or there can be a strong phychological block that with time and mood might be over come. Do not force it. Do not burn her out on the idea make it fun. Moderation in all things. Ok here we go. Have her go the the bathroom before going any further .Put two fingers inside and start with a come hither motion. You should feel a textured area at the top of her pussy just behind the pubic bone. Continue to stroke that area firmly but not rough or to hard. Then start a tapping motion with just the ends of your fingers. At this point she will start to feel a need to pee sensation. That is a good thing. She has most likely experience that sensation before but assumed it was urine. It is not. When that sensation begins with the proper firmness and speed you can get her over the hurdle. Pleasure lies just ahead. Lock your fingers inside her into a hook and start a rapid up and down motion not in and out. Your forearm and wrist will fatigue very rapidly. This can be very frustrating. Just as you are about to get her your arm gives out. With practice and an erotic mood success is very near. For a lot of women they have never experienced that release sensation and it can be from moderately pleasant to an extreme g spot orgasm and everything in between. As a man imagine having an orgasm but never feeling that great sensation of fluid moving through your aroused sex organ. That is the wonderful sensation that a large portion of women have never experienced. For the majority of women it is much different than a clitoral orgasm and a first time wonderful pleasant completion well worth the tome and effort it will take to master this skill. Good luck and we are always here to help in anyway we can ! can.